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Why You Should Consider Growing A Beard In 2019

Why You Should Consider Growing A Beard In 2019

Would being a bearded man be a good thing for you? A lot of people have wondered about this. Obviously, the number of men deciding to grow beards have continued to grow with each passing year. In fact, according to a report, in all men between 18 and 39 years, at least, 6 out of 10 have got facial hair of some kind. The question remains as to why one should consider their growth. Here, we will be giving you 8 super reasons why beard growth should be one of your goals in 2019


  • Get to change your look 

    it is possible that each time you look into your mirror, changing your look up something to your mind. One of the ways people usually do that is to change their hairstyles, pimp their wardrobe up, or get into some kind of fashion trend. Well, the biggest way to make a statement is to do it right on your face. There’s no better way to do this than to grow facial hair. All you have to do is grow your hair for just a few months and, with a new beard, you will definitely have a new look.

    The trick, however, is to ensure that you select the style which matches the shape of your face. For instance, men that have a face with a square shape would be most suited to a beard that is long but narrow. This is to ensure that your face does not look wide. That being the case, the freedom to decide the kind of beard experiment you want to undertake it still yours.


    • Break the rules 

    Most times, shaving before making an entrance into an important event is the norm. no matter whether you are going for a work-related interview, a ceremony, or even a business meeting, taking off every sign of beards is normal. Since a lot of people share the same idea, it is normal to believe it too. in fact, the number of people who see beard growth as indecent his huge.

    However, in 2019, you must decide to be a man of your own and discard that notion. Grow your beard as you wish. When you grow your beards and make use of beards accessories to care for it, you will make a statement whenever you make an entrance into any event no matter what it is.




    • Look super attractive

    it is possible to think that since there are a lot of people that love guys that grow beards, there will, also, be so many haters too. However, the truth remains that one opinion will always win and that is BEARDS!

    According to studies, men who are known for beard growth happen to be a lot more desirable to women who want short term flings, as well as, women who need partners for a lifetime. The common belief is that men who grow beards have an enhanced ability to be more competitive.


    • Get protection from illness 

    For people who get down with fever or asthma, this is an unfortunate situation. However, did you know that beards have the ability to protect you from these issues? This is very hard to believe but experts explain that mustaches which get up to your nasal area can help to hold back allergens from getting into your nose and your lungs.


    • Absolutely no need to shave 

    This is one of the reasons topping the list of why men should grow a beard. The truth is that beard growth is annoying to a large number of males, especially, since they will have to shave regularly.  Once you pick up beard growth, the need to shave will automatically be discarded and you will enjoy the luxury of using the best beard growth products such as a beard comb and a beard oil to take care of your beard.


    • Look more dominant

    Beard growth helps you to look more masculine and confidence. A lot of men who have engaged in shaving off their beards or letting it grow out at different moments have admitted to this too. Beards can help to increase the level of respect that you gain when around other men as it helps you to look older, as well as, more powerful.


    • Protect yourself from the sun.

    excess exposure to the sun can put you at risk of sunburn. Especially, for men that reside in climes where the rays of the sun are usually harsh, sunscreen is a necessity. However, you probably have not given it thought that a beard can, also, protect you from the direct rays of the sun. yes, your beards offer your face a whole lot of protection from harmful ultraviolet rays which can harm your facial skin. For men who want to try it out, grow your beard for months while being exposed to the sun. With time, you would notice that if you get a shave, the part where you grew a beard will be much lighter than other parts.


    • Take care grooming regime one level up

    When you decide to grow a beard, getting it moisturized and shiny will be one of your goals. This will help you to explore the best beard growth products as well as other beard accessories that will help to improve your grooming.

    In fact, growing your beard will usher you into another world where you will get to discover a lot about men's grooming. The number of beard accessories available to you is numerous. You will be able to make use of beard oil, a beard balm, a beard soap, and much more.

    All of these products will help to keep your beard in good condition and help you to make a statement wherever you go.

    So, in 2019, take on that personal challenge to grow your beard and give yourself that heightened masculinity that earns the respect of other men and women as a boss.


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    • Very nice article! One of the main reasons why I grow my beard is actually to look more male and to be respected. I find it very interesting that women prefer men with beards for flings. I like :)


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