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Truth be told, of all the beard accessories, a Viking beard oil is one of the best gifts that you can give to your beard. However, what really is a beard oil and do you really have any reason to make use of it?

What is beard oil?

Beard oil is mostly a base with natural ingredients that are fused with essential oils to help it have a pleasing scent. For many years, Jojoba oil which is non-toxic and, also, hypoallergenic has been used as an essential component of beard oils.

Beard oil is popular for its ability to keep your skin moisturized and nourished while, also, helping the beard itself to have an improved look and health. Basically, beard oils have two principal ingredients categories which are –

  • Carrier Oils
  • Essential oils

Carrier oils are natural under gotten from seeds, as well as, nuts which form a greater part of the product. Carrier oils help to provide the benefits of Viking beard oil which are moisture, keeping the beard soft, and essential nutrients. Examples of carrier oils are Jojoba oil, Grape seed oil, sunflower oil, and more. You can make use of these oils alone.

Essential oils from a less significant part of beard oils but are very powerful ingredients that provide extra benefits such as antiseptic characteristics that help to fight potential acne, as well as, flaky skin. Some examples of great essential oils are Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, as well as, Lavender and Sandalwood oils. These essential oils are very strong and should not be used in your beard on their own and this is the reason that carrier oils are used to get them diluted.

Your facial hair has a similarity with the hair on your head and this is why it has to be kept clean with the right conditioning too. However, a slight difference exists between the head and facial hair because facial hair is produced by androgens causing it to be coarse, as well as, curly. This makes it easier for your beard to break and dry out and that is why it must be kept well conditioned using a Viking beard oil.


Why use beard oil?

With an increase in the strands of your hair, nutrients will find it hard to reach the outer hair strands as they can only go so far. What this implies is that as your beard grows, it has a tendency to become coarser and dryer. One of the best ways to keep your beard healthy is to ensure that it stays hydrated. This is because strands of hair that are hydrated are usually soft, shiny, and on tangled. Additionally, keeping your facial hair hydrated will help to moisturize your skin, thus, preventing itches, flakes, as well as, creating a favorable environment for growing your beard.



The follicles that grow your beard or determine how healthy your facial hair is. This is where beard accessories such as a beard oil are needed. With beard oil, you will be able to maintain your beard while ensuring that it stays moisturized.  Facial hair always appears a lot healthier and takes on a shiny look with beard oils. You should ensure that your Viking beard oil has fantastic natural conditioners like Vitamin E, Grape seed oil, and more to help it look shiny. Here are the top reasons why you need to use a beard oil while carrying out your grooming tasks every day –


Nourishes & hydrates

When you make use of a Viking beard oil, you keep your facial hair nourished, thus, causing it to be softer. Beard oil hydrates both the hair and the underneath skin. As your beard grows, it tends to absorb moisture found on your skin which can cause your skin to get dry easily. Therefore, you need to replenish lost moisture to avoid your skin being dry or getting broken.


Prevents itching & dandruff

You will develop beard each if your skin gets dry or breaks. Additionally, beard dandruff could pop up too. This is as a result of excessive scratching, as well as, dry skin under your beard hair. Making use of beard oil will prevent itchy, dandruff infested beard hair as it will supply moisture that is very much needed.

Controls flyaway hair

Your beard can be said to have its own particular mind and it will tend to grow in different directions and at different lengths. There are many men who style their facial hair to fit their facial shape but others let it grow wildly of its own accord. While there is no ideal way to train your beard, you need to make use of a beard oil to keep it soft, supple, and easy to take care of.


You will find that a lot of beard oils have a very fantastic scent that lasts for quite a long time. By making use of beard accessories like a Viking beard oil, you keep your beard smelling fresh and clean all day long. Try not to make use of aftershaves that are hash by opting for beard oils instead which come with a milder scent and a fragrance that is even more natural.

Promotes beard growth

Although beard oil will not magically grow your facial hair or instantly supply you with beard hair that is thick and fully grown, it will continue to nourish your beard and prevent split ends. Ultimately, this will help to strengthen your hair follicle. Beard oil helps to prevent patchy beard growth and enhances a healthy skin which is good for your hair follicles if they are to flourish. Also, it prevents ingrown hair.


Aids your pores & inflammation

For men that have skin that is very sensitive, beard accessories like a Viking beard oil we help to moisturize the underneath skin and this can cause the reddening and irritation of your skin. Then again, the production of sebum is not interrupted by beard oil and, also, it keeps your pores open. This contributes to cleansing and protecting sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts.

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