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Top 5  Tips To Grow A Thicker Beard

Top 5 Tips To Grow A Thicker Beard

if you're the kind of beards man that favors a Viking style beard, then, you'd probably be searching for ways to get your beard thicker. Your ability to grow a thick beard while using beard accessories like a Viking beard oil or a beard balm and more to maintain its shine and fantastic look will make you stand out wherever you go. Here are the top 5 ways that you can take a cue from to grow a thicker beard –

  • If you wish to have a beard that is thick and healthy, then, you need to have a skin that is healthy. This is where getting a fantastic moisturizer comes in. Also, it is important that you develop a regular routine of keeping your face clean and washed as this will help to enhance circulation, keep your skin exfoliated, and get rid of skin cells that are dead. This will help to prevent ingrown hairs and get your pores opened up. Using a good beard moisturizer such as a Viking beard oil will promote the health of your skin. As a result, you will get to see an increase in your beard growth which will translate into a thicker beard.

    Exercise is, also, a great technique for enhancing your beard quality. Hitting the gym regularly can help to lay a very solid foundation for thicker beard growth. So, get all that excess fat shed off by engaging in a workout routine. There are various kinds of exercises that you can engage in that will help to give you a thicker beard. They include cardio workouts, cycling, running, and more. These exercises help to facilitate testosterone production which, in turn, helps in the promotion of healthy hair follicles. Then again, blood circulation is enhanced and your facial hair will be able to get the essential nutrients needed to grow thicker. Additionally, exercise promotes DHT which you need for linear hair growth, thereby giving you a beard that is thick and curly.

  • cortisol production is increased if you are over stressing yourself. This has a negative effect on the release of testosterone. The blood vessels, also, will get constricted and nutrients that are needed by your hair follicles will find it hard to reach them. Both short term and long term stress should be curtailed. If you're looking for ways to grow a thicker beard other than using a Viking beard oil or other beard accessories, then, ensure that your sleep pattern is not disrupted. When you fail to get adequate sleep, your beards suffers a direct impact which makes it quite a challenge for it to get thicker. The negative effects of long term stress are more significant and will disable your beard while hampering its ability to grow thick.

    So, find ways to lose distress by using techniques such as meditation. Once you get rid of the stress, you’ll be able to improve the health and thickness of your facial hair. For testosterone production to be increased in your body, you need up to 8 hours of sleep every night. This will promote the regeneration of testosterone which is important for facial hair growth.

  • To grow a thicker beard, you need diet that is rich in vitamins and this implies that you must invest a lot of vegetables. Vegetables contain the essential vitamins and minerals which are required by your body in order for you to stay healthy. You, also, need foods that are rich in protein as your hair needs a lot of protein to stay healthy.

    Try as much as possible to eat lots of eggs and nuts. They will boost testosterone production which will help to give you a luxurious looking beard. Supplements will, also, help to stimulate your beard growth. Zinc, copper, essential vitamins, iron, and more are very important in growing thick hair. A lot of supplements are available to help increase your facial hair thickness and you should get these included in your diet.

  • if you're really keen on how to grow a thicker beard, especially, if you’re a fan of the Viking style beards, then, you need a Viking beard oil right from day one. Getting a premium beard oil will help to keep your beard moisturized while getting rid of beard itch, as well as, beard dandruff. When trying to make a selection of a good beard oil to add to your beard accessories collection, find a beard oil that contains jojoba oil. This is because jojoba has a similarity with sebum and this helps to give your beard a fuller and thicker appearance as time goes on.

    All natural beard oils the best for your facial hair and will help to keep your beard healthy while helping it to grow thick. Beard oils are very important, especially, if you regularly expose it to tough conditions or very harsh chemicals.

  • Staying hydrated is very essential to growing a thicker beard. Consume lots of water in order to get rid of harmful toxins that reside in your body. When your skin stays hydrated, it will be healthier and translate into a thicker beard. Unfortunately, even if a lot of men know how important it is to stay hydrated, many of them are not adopting the hydration habit. So, make it a habit of staying hydrated in order to give your body the level of required moisture that is needed to keep your beard growing healthily. A hydrated body helps in the circulation of nutrients and blood and this will help to benefit your hair follicles, thus, resulting in a beard that is better looking and shiny.


    Apply these top 5 tips to grow a thicker beard that will help you to stand out and make a statement wherever you go. Beardsmen are kings and you should do everything to remain one.

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