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How to Take Care of Your Beard

How to Take Care of Your Beard


When it comes to maintaining your beard, it is very important that you are very meticulous and diligent. Some basic requirements exist which you must take seriously in order for you to come out looking like the exclusive beard man. This guide will take you through everything that you need to know about taking care of your beard. A lot of things can be done to your beards to take it from where it is to a better level. This ranges from using the best beard oil all the way down to getting adequate rest. Healthy habits exist which you can apply and which will be appreciated by your peers. Of course, your beard has a life of its own, and you need to come up with a maintenance routine which you must stick to each day of your life if you wish to get the best-looking beard. So, read below to discover what exactly you need to do to give your beard a healthier shine and feel.


Moisturize Your Beard

Moisturizing your beard is one of the best ways to keep it healthy. Your ability to keep your beard moisturized, as well as, hydrated is the first step to tackling the beard problems that you face. To do this effectively, you need to make use of beard oil. This is a very important product that any bearded man needs to have in his care kit. The benefits that come from using beard oil are numerous. You will get to kiss the days of itchy beards goodbye and beard dandruff will no longer be a regular sight. When you talk about making your beard very soft, leave it to beard oil.

Ensure that you make use of natural beard oils. This is because they come with carrier oils, as well as, essential oils and provide you with therapeutic benefits by supplying the beards with essential nutrients. Do not use beard oil that comes with chemicals or which contains silicone. You can find very affordable beard oils that our premium quality. However, even if you do not wish to purchase one, many alternatives exist. Jojoba, almond, or coconut oils good alternatives which can be used for your beard. Then again, you can go ahead to produce oil for your beard. Another alternative is to make use of beard bumps for moisturizing and conditioning.

For effectively styling your beard, make use of beard balms ahead of beard oils since they have a better hold.


Keep a Clean Beard

It is a necessity to keep your facial hair clean always, and this should be done every day. The reason for this is that dead skin cells, sweat, bacteria, food particles, as well as, dirt and dust can get trapped inside the beard. The result is that your sweat pores will be clogged and will cause your skin to begin to itch due to dryness. It is for this very reason that regularly washing your beard is important.

When it comes to washing your beard, avoid making use of regular hair shampoo which is mostly made for scalp usage. They come with chemicals that are very harmful to your beard. The chemicals will eliminate the natural oils which are produced by your natural hair, thus, causing your beard to be dry and brittle. Rather, what you should do is to get a beard shampoo which will be used for cleaning your beard and giving it a nice soft smell and feel. Natural facial hair shampoo has the ability to keep your beard clean without eliminating natural sebum produced by your body.

In this case, 2 beard wash options include making use of a liquid shampoo or purchasing a solid bar soap. Make it a habit of washing your beard in two-week intervals but do not do it excessively in other not to get your skin, as well as, your beard dried out.



Brush and Comb the Beard

The benefits that come with brushing and combing your facial hair on a regular basis cannot be overestimated. In fact, they are too numerous to mention. Making use of the brush can help to distribute the natural oils which are produced by your skin evenly all over your beard. A beard brush provides the training that your beard needs to grow in a particular direction, thus, being very good for shaping. Also, the beard brush helps to increase the circulation of blood which ultimately results in good beard growth. As for a beard comb, it helps to ensure that your beard is not tangled and is very ideal when you wish to style your beard.

If you wish to supply your beard with enough nourishment and moisture, the brush and comb can help to give your beard a better look. Of course, you do not want to have a mustache which has a kind of curl around your mouth. By making use of a beard brush, you can train your beard in the direction that you want it to grow. A beard brush, also, helps to massage your face while contributing to optimized blood flow which helps your facial hair to get all the important nutrients needed for it to look great.

If your beard is tangled, it will look horrible, and this is where a comb comes in. Then again, combs are the best styling tools as you can use it to fix up your beard to your taste.

So, which should you use on your beard? Should you go for a beard comb or would a beard brush be better? The truth is that you will be better off if you purchased both a beard comb and brush. This is because while you can make use of a comb to detangle and style your beard, the training and health optimization that your beard needs will come from a beard brush.

Picking a beard comb and brush

The best kind of beard brush that should be used for your beard is a brush made from boar’s bristles. This is down to the ability of a boar bristle brush to carry oils and spread them evenly to the entire facial hair, keeping them coated and nourished. Of course, this will result in an amazing look.

Different kinds of combs exist for your beard, and wooden combs are very good. However, you can go for any kind of comb that appeals to you. Try not to use plastic combs that are inferior or a brush meant for your hair as they will cause your facial hair to snag and scratch.


Trim Your Beard

For men who are just beginning to grow their beards, do not trim it until after, at least, two months. Allow it to grow out.

For men with beards that are already growing, it is a good idea to trim your bread from time to time. This will help to align your beard and keep it healthy. Your beard will look shapely and sharper. Good beard scissors, as well as, a good trimmer are needed to keep your beard in check. Also, pay attention to your cheek lines and necklines.


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