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How to Choose the Best Beard Comb

How to Choose the Best Beard Comb

Near an incredible beard, there is an incredible comb. By combing your beard you not only get rid of horrible knots, but you also exfoliate your skin, strengthen the root of your beard and stimulate the generation of new hair. Also, if you use the right beard comb, you can better distribute the beard oil of your choice.

In short, a combed and untangled beard is a healthy and happy beard!

What should you consider when choosing the best beard comb?

Using a beard comb is not the same as using a brush. The difference lies in usability and material. Brushes are often large, difficult to transport, and unattractive when used in public. Most are made from strands of animal hair (wild boar or horse) that reduce frizz.

Beard combs, on the other hand, are made of hard materials such as wood or plastic. They are perfect for distributing beard oil and detangling hair after showering. With them you can also retouch the shape of your beard minutes before your interview in the office or to pour beard wax to keep it fixed.




Cheap supermarket combs are usually made with tidy molds, so the teeth often have porosities that pull the hair.

If you're concerned about quality, consider investing a little more in a beard comb made of a tough, hair-friendly material, such as wood or acetate plastic.

Comb teeth

Even if it doesn't look like it, size does matter. So does the shape. Sharp-toothed combs are like vampires to your poor facial hair. They tear it out and leave the ends open. The rounded tips make untangling easier.

Now, wide-toothed combs are great for thick, long beards. Woodcutters and Vikings with curly beards prefer them this way because they don't get stuck in the knots or undo the natural curls.

For medium or short beards, the medium tooth is best. They detangle just enough, without pulling the hair, and distribute the oil better. But if you want a smooth beard and combed, we recommend using a fine tooth comb. These are the best for styling hair, especially if you love beard wax.


A perfect beard comb allows you to distribute hygiene products such as beard oil, creams or waxes. If it absorbs the oils or drops the cream, it will be impossible for you to stylize your Hollywood beard. Hence the importance of material and design.

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  • Great explanations! I think such a wooden beard comb would do my beard good. I’ve been using a plastic beard from the discount store for months now. After reading the article I want to try the wooden comb :)
    The wooden comb mentioned in this article also seems to be good when using oils. Therefore, I bought it!


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