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In the industry today, a lot of beard accessories exist that provide you with a wide range of choices to care for your beard and achieve different results. However, when it appears that two different beard accessories seem to produce a similar effect on your facial hair, it is difficult to determine which to select. A Viking beard oil and a beard balm are two products that men seek to know what the difference really is. Then again, since both products happen to keep your beard moisturized, then, what product would be better for you?

Personal choice plays a significant role in mostly answering this question but they are, also, other aspects that have to be weighed. For instance, the kind of beards that you rock is a determining factor. Do you carry a Viking beard or a short beard? Viking beards will require a large volume of beard accessories while short beards will not. Again, you need to know what your skin type is, whether it is dry or oily. In fact, there are several factors that you should consider when choosing your preferred product.

In this blog, we will be explaining to you the difference between beard oil and beard balm to help you arrived at a better decision on what product would suit your facial hair the most. However, we recommend that you purchase both as they can come in handy in taking care of your beard.


Whether you love a Viking beard or a short groomed beard, beard oil remains a very fundamental accessory. It is recommended for virtually every kind of beard, especially, for men who are just starting out their beard growth journey. Viking beard oil has moisturizing properties that help in the treatment of dandruff and beards flakes, as well as, helping to curb the itches that come with new beards.

Beard oil is basically oil based and it’s a very light moisturizer which can be used for the entire beard in a quick and sinless manner. Because it comes in a liquid form, it is highly effective for skin hydration in shorter beards than in larger beards. Your skin absorbs beard oils faster than it does for beard balm. This results in your beard taking on a matte appearance, than it will have a glossy or shiny appearance. Men who have long beards are encouraged to make use of a beard brush. This helps too efficiently spread the blood oil all through your facial hair. Although Viking beard oils appear subtle, they will help to give your beard silk and smooth texture that you will be unable to derive if you use commercial or silicone products.

We make use of premium beard oils, your beard skin stays moisturized, your beard is softened, itching is significantly reduced, and you simply create a very conducive environment that promotes the growth of your beard. If you wish to achieve great results, make use of beard oils that come with a base made of Jojoba or Argam. These are very good moisturizers with a prolonged shelf life. Additionally, in order to function as a very effective moisturizer, beard oil can be used as a cologne or a deodorizer. You need to find a beard oil that has a nice scent which is caused by a blend of essential oils and not fragrance oils.



Another product from the beard accessories collection is the beard balm which is a very good product, especially, for men that want to grow a Viking beard. If you happen to have very dry beard skin, then, a beard balm is a very appropriate choice. It is designed with more viscosity than a Viking beard oil which implies that it is thicker and takes even more time to get absorbed. Again, while the beard oil is packaged in a bottle and comes in a liquid form, beard balm looks like a pomade or something like a solid cologne.

When you apply a beard balm to your beard, it resides on your beard for a longer period of time, as well as, on your skin and this means that it takes longer before it gets absorbed. This helps you to have a moisturizing effect that is long-lasting and nourishing. That extra shine that beards always need to have can be easily gotten with a beard balm. Also, it contributes to better health for your facial hair.

The thick nature of a beard balm, also, plays a vital role. It possesses a hold that is sufficient enough to be combed down facial hair that is stubborn, as well as, fly-aways which defy the shape of your beard, including your grooming goals. If you are looking to style your sideburns and give your mustache a bit of a touchup too, then, a beard balm is a great styling agent to help you achieve better finishing around your beard edges.

Another significant difference between these two beard accessories lies in the word “ versatility.” to keep a healthy beard and beard skin, Viking beard oils are very effective. However, the beard balm has skin moisturizing properties too. It can be used as a moisturizer every day and, also, be saved up for when the months begin to get dryer. For men who do a lot of traveling, a beard balm is a great choice as it is very portable and you will need just one product all for your entire trip.

Using Both Products

Are you contemplating whether both beard accessories, that is, the beard oil and the beard balm should be used together? Of course, they can. However, you should be conservative in the use of both products. Take care in order not to use both products together excessively. Best top is, apply your Viking beard oil first. After that, go on to apply the beard balm. This will create a glossy finish.

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