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The health benefits of growing a beard and what a beard says about you

The health benefits of growing a beard and what a beard says about you

 Beards should not just be about beauty. They can actually change your life. This is the reason that you shouldn’t pay heed to people who wish to discourage you from growing your beard. Studies today may try to discourage you from growing your beard, but if you are really an in-depth researcher, then, you’ll see that there’s a lot to gain from growing your beard. The health benefits that come with beard growth are actually backed up by research. So, in this section, let us go through some of the benefits which you stand to enjoy if you decide to carry on with beard growth.

Benefits For Your Sex Life

This is not a joke. In fact, psychologists conducted a study in 2008 which proves that women have a perception of men who have beards as being tough, mature, as well as, masculine, and dominant. These women see such kind of men as romantic partners and wouldn’t mind having a fling or a full-time relationship. Therefore, researchers have been led to the conclusion that having good facial hair happens to be a very potent sociosexual signal while being an indication of sexual maturity.

Protect Your Face From The Sun

Another research carried out proves that having a beard can help to protect your skin from 95% of ultraviolet rays that come from the sun. That is to say that having facial hair helps to significantly reduce the risk that you will develop skin cancer. Men who have cases of skin cancer usually experienced it in their faces, heads, or next. So, you can literally look to a beard to protect your life. When UV rays find it difficult to get to your skin, especially, your face you will end up looking younger. Continuous exposure of your skin to direct sunlight could result in wrinkles faster. With wrinkles, we’ll begin to look old. All of these can be avoided by growing a beard to keep your skin free from wrinkles.

Increase Your Self-esteem

In New York City in the United States, a survey carried out proved that men who had beards had a much attractive feel. In fact, many of them admitted to having received a compliment about their beards the previous week. Compliments clearly have a way of making an individual feel good about themselves. So, if you grow your beards and put in the right care, you will get lots of compliments, and you can count on that.

Suffer Less From Allergies

Are you looking to have protection from those allergens that can spoil your day? Then, think about growing your facial hair. The same function performed by the hairs which you have right inside your nose is performed by your beard. The hairs in your nose help to keep pollutants, as well as, bacteria trapped so that they do not get into your system and they help you to breathe better all through the day. This is exactly how your facial hair helps you if you have allergies. How exactly does it work?

With the trapping of allergens right inside your facial hair, there’s still a tendency that you will breathe them in. However, with the continuous trapping of these allergens and the close proximity that they have to your nose, as well as, your mouth you will continue to breathe them in regularly which can help you to develop immunity.

Fight Against Cold

This is not to say that a beard is a direct protection for a cold. However, it can help your body to build a defense against it. If you happen to develop a sore throat, your body's temperature will automatically get raised in order to get rid of the virus. The function that your beard performs is that it acts as an insulator and the bigger and longer your beard is, the warmer it can keep your neck. So, see it as a sort of teamwork where your body combines with your beard to work together in fighting a cough. However, go on to see a doctor if you develop a cold.


Now that you have seen the benefits of growing a beard, what exactly does your beard say about you?

Naturally, males are beard growers. Regardless of the size of the beard or how long it has been carried, a time will come when every man out there will try to come up with an idea of what his beard tells people about him. Here, we will be exploring a guide about three kinds of beards and what they say about their owners. So, dive in with us as we explore what those three kinds of beards are –

  1. The Woolly Wild

This kind of beard is very full, scraggly, and is only peculiar to one kind of man. Not everybody has the ability to have a wild beard. This kind of man is extremely creative and cannot be predicted. At heart, he could be a hunter or could be classified as a woodsman. He boasts a high level of confidence and feels comfortable about himself. With such a personality comes a stereotype facial growth which is unkempt. However, this kind of hair growth on the face can serve as inhibitions to new starts such as at jobs or in relationships. Well, this beard usually is temporary for a lot of men. They usually develop it if they lose a job or suffer something such as heartbreak and begin to care less about their personal grooming.


  1. The Distinguished Gentleman

This kind of man sports a beard that is fully grown, but that is meticulously groomed. This is the narrative of the kind of man that is very discerning and understands where his place lies in the scheme of things. He's the one who wears the beard and not the other way around. This kind of beard gives him that old amateur charisma, and he loves it. While the beard makes him look sophisticated, he is, also, intelligent in a strict manner. Very detailed oriented and conscious about his grooming, he exhibits top-level meticulousness, as well as, care. This kind of beard is mostly associated with academics as they are the ones so usually parade beards like this.


  1. The Shape Shifter

If you are someone who doesn't really know about beards or has issues with being committed to taking care of it full time, then, the shapeshifter or the trimmed goatee happens to be the easiest resort. Although you know this kind of beard has an aura that is quite outdated, it is still very popular today. A man who carries this kind of beard love to experiment naturally and this is so because he is taking his time to determine what his face is really like and he will stick with the goatee until he comes across something more exciting along the line. For a man, the style makes you look more masculine, gives you the shape and definition of masculinity even if you have a chubby or very soft chin.

There is more to your beard than you think. With the benefits that come from growing a beard, let your journey begin today.

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