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Beard Growth Rules For Rookies

Beard Growth Rules For Rookies

The beard growth journey is not the easiest thing to do as is popularly promoted. Of course, growing a beard is easy for many men out there and you will find out in just a short time, they can get a very full mane. On the other hand, most men worldwide do not share the same experience. Beard growth is not just about getting the best beard growth oil, taking some of it and applying it to your face on a daily basis, and awakening one morning to find a beautiful and cheap beard. Growing a beard requires that you put in the time, as well as, dedication if you want your beard to reach its best potential. If you are new to the beard growth race, here are some rules that you should observe with respect to how to grow your beard –


  • Stay on the beard growth journey for 90 days
  • Of course, the full 90 days or 12 weeks is recommended. This is the time on average that is needed for you to see the level of potential that your beard possesses. If you grow your beard for just 30 days, the likelihood of getting to witness its potential is greatly limited. Give it more time to blossom before you make a decision as to the kind of style that suits you. If you, also, help you to determine if you really want to stick with a bearded look.


    Of course, there are slow growers and even after 90 days, their beard may still not have shown any signs of blossoming. If you fall into this category, you can give it more time to see what happens to your beard. Remember that length and more hair are very important, so, your beard needs more time.


  • Avoid regular trims
  • First of all, never go for a shave. Then again, avoid trimming your bed regularly. If you are someone who loves to trim very often, your beard would only experience slow growth. of course, you do not want this to happen to you, so, stay away from shaving, as well as, trimming. The more your beard hair begins to increase in length, try to monitor the split ends and you can utilize a scissors pair to take our the split tips so that they do not get deeper into your hair shaft which will result in you trimming deeper.


    Remember that human hair does not grow alike, so, keep in mind that training will help your beard to grow in a more even pattern. Remember not to trim too deep so that you do not end up clipping off most of your beard. There are dozens of guys who do not experience the twists that occur with beard growth. When you make use of scissors, you get a better effect than if you use an electric trimmer.


    Take note of this too: never make an attempt to get your beard trimmed by yourself or get a beard cut if you ingest drugs or alcohol and get under the influence. In the end, you will be left with nothing but regret. We bet that you understand why this is so, therefore, we do not have to explain too much regarding that on how to grow your beard.


  • Do not be too critical of your beard
  •  Rookies in the beard growth journey usually make this very huge mistake. They become so critical of themselves and always want to make comparisons about their appearance or about how badly their beard grows when compared to other men. The truth is that when growing your beard, a lot of persons do not even notice any flaws that we possess which would include some kind of patch on your jaw or thin upper cheeks. The best approach is to fall in love with your beard and get used to its pattern, as well as, its texture and color. Although you may happen to view your beard in a bad light, there is always something about your beard that will appear attractive to other people.


  • Set beard goals
  • Beard growth goals with regards to how to grow your beard faster can help a lot. You can set goals that range from growing your beard to a specific length to getting your beard to have a particular kind of look. When you work with goals, your beard growth journey becomes smoother and is more easy to keep track of. However, when you work without a goal, sooner or later we get convinced to get our beard trimmed or shaved off. Then again, people will find it very easy to get us convinced to take off our beard. Therefore, set beard goals and do not quit until you achieve them.

    As a suggestion, you can use your search engine to check out the beards of other men. Remember not to carry out comparisons but to take a look at the various styles that these men give their beards and decide the style that you love. You can, also, join beard forums where you can interact with other men who are into the beard growth. In these forums, you will come across suggestions on the best beard growth products, beard growth supplements, beard accessories, and more.


    • Stay positive and motivated

    It is important to stay motivated as a rookie because society always finds a way to bend the will of the weak. Sooner or later, you could find yourself contemplating if to take off your beard or not. So, make it your top priority to keep yourself motivated and resilient as a rookie. Rather than wonder if your beard really suits you, reflect on those moments when people have made you feel good about your beard.



     To successfully grow the beard of your dreams, you need to put in the effort and stay dedicated. Beardsmen must develop the willpower and resilience to not listen to haters. If you are searching for more ways to stay motivated on how to grow your beard, keep coming back to our blog for more tips on how to become a true beard boss.

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    • Great article. I am now on 3 months of beard growth and have just bought some beard oil from you guys which is great. I really want a viking beard look. My beard growth is coming along well so thanks for the tips also chek out more tips here

      John Fenwick

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