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5 Macho to Macho Tips for a Healthy Beard

5 Macho to Macho Tips for a Healthy Beard

Having a big beard comes with a big responsibility. Just waiting for it to grow is an unmistakable sign of certain willpower not to shave it as soon as it begins to sting or trim the first three hair to look like a Hollywood beard.

If you've just decided to grow a beard or if you've been waiting a few months for your beard to resemble that of a Viking, we offer you our 5 tips from macho to macho:

Growth is not magic, be patient!

Many newcomers to the world of beards ask us daily how long it takes for a beard to grow. Patience is a virtue, but it can also be cultivated. The beard, like any other facial hair, grows naturally. Let it be.

Don't get obsessed with the little slots in your face, almost everyone has them.  As soon as your beard has grown a little, you can shape it to look bushy and uniform. However, if you're definitely a hairless gorilla, consider using products that promote hair growth (not without first consulting a dermatologist!).

Take care of your skin

Without healthy skin, your beard won't be in the best condition. Pores that are prone to allergies, scabies or alopecia should be moisturized and kept clean. We recommend using natural products specifically formulated for skin and beard care.  

The basics you need are bearded skin soap, beard oil according to your skin type (sensitive, dry, mixed), and moisturizer. Again, consult your dermatologist.

Wash your beard every day

We insist: routine hygiene is essential for a dreamy Viking beard. Start by washing your beard daily, even if you choose not to bathe that day. Use shampoo and conditioner, or a bar of soap if you're not going into the shower and in a hurry to get out.

Keeping your beard fresh and clean has its medical benefits: it will keep it away from dust, food scraps or any other contaminant (important if you don't want to be mistaken for an indigent punk or if you want to avoid allergies or skin infections).

Complement your washing routine with a beard cream rich in vitamins and natural oils such as avocado, olive oil or nuts. It will keep you hydrated, silky and smelly (in a good way, of course).

Brush your beard

When you brush your beard, you are training the hair follicles so that the facial hair grows in a uniform direction and you don't become a shaggy Davy Jones. It will also help you keep it at bay, without knots or frizz.

Invest in a quality brush, not just any plastic mold you see piled up in the supermarket. These usually mistreat the ends of the hair, leaving them open, broken and unpleasant.

Use a beard brush to detangle and a beard comb of the right thickness to distribute the oils and fixative.

For Odin's sake, use beard oil

Don't think that the Nordic warriors didn't take care of his beard, on the contrary, their secret for those hairy rugs on his chin were oils extracted from plants or animals.

Fortunately, now we do not have to liquidate living beings to keep our beard in good condition. You can find the right beard oil on the market. Apply it daily, after washing, for an impeccable detangling if you want a healthy super macho beard.

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  • Nice. Today I read your other article about the best beard creams. I have already made a step for a healthy beard growth. My beard is still in the growth phase and is now starting to get a bit frizzy. Do you have a recommendation for a good beard brush? Then I could buy the brush immediately with a beard oil. Thanks in advance!


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