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10 Tips To Keep Your Beard Healthy

10 Tips To Keep Your Beard Healthy

After successfully growing your beard, you need to ensure that it stays well-groomed. Keeping your beard healthy is important for various reasons and one of such reasons is hygiene. Nobody likes a man with facial hair that is badly groomed, dirty, itchy, and with a bad smell. Having a thick, luscious looking beard puts you at an advantage and the right beard accessories like a Viking beard oil is essential to help you stand out wherever you go.

You need to make it a routine to maintain and groom your beard and this is deservedly so. A lot of men out there are highly conscious about how they look and you shouldn't be an exception. Having a beard give you an enhanced visual appeal. However, you need to put in the required effort to care for your beard so that you appear smart and confident with a touch of class. Knowing the exact ways to care for your beard is essential for it to always be in its best condition.

Despite how challenging it is to grow a great beard, keeping it healthy is another hurdle in itself and here are 10 tips to help keep your beard looking grace and full of life –


Many men today apply a conditioner once they get their hair shampooed due to the fact that it retains moisture and helps soften the hair which contributes to easier management. It is essential to moisturize your beard and you need to ensure that you are using the right beard accessories that will help to keep your beard hair moisturized. This is especially important for longer beards since they are likely to possess a tough texture.

Use a comb

You know how annoying it is when you find those small knots present in your beard. You should never let those knots remain in your beard as it can result in your beard hair falling out or getting weak with the passage of time. A very good idea is to make use of beard accessories like a beard comb regularly. Use it to comb your hair at regular intervals in order to prevent knots from appearing or breakage.

Keep it clean

A clean beard is more than just about looks or feel. A clean beard contributes greatly to hygiene maintenance. If you fail to wash and clean your beard every now and then, it can result in the growth of bacteria and this can cause health conditions or begin to irritate your skin. This is highly unpleasant and, as time goes on, will become more difficult to deal with. So, you need to make sure that you keep your beard cleaned and washed regularly.

Oils & Balms

In order for you to maintain a premium looking beard, it is advisable that you go all out to get great beard accessories. Viking beard oils or beard balms can provide a solution to various beard issues such as thin beard hair, uneven growth, as well as, lack of luster and more. If you wish to have a fuller beard, ensure that you make use of the right beard oils as they contain special ingredients which will help in keeping your beard better growth and you will be impressed with the results.

Appropriate tools

Going ahead to use just about any pair of scissors or any razor for your beard is not advised. You will find a lot of brands that sell various grooming tools for your beard that you can use at the comfort of your home to maintain your beard. You will find trimmers, creams, as well as, lotions and cutters that are specially customized for beards.

Get an electric shaver

Beard accessories like an electric shaver are very convenient in grooming your beard due to its ease of use. Then again, you will have the opportunity to groom your beard professionally while at home. There are many brands of electric shavers out there that are specially made for beard grooming. If it happens that you did not really understand how to use an electric shaver, then, you can watch tutorial videos or read up guides that will help you.

Create a routine

Do you have a busy schedule? Do you mostly never find the time to groom yourself? Well, it is important that you create a detailed action plan that helps you start a routine for grooming your beard. Set aside some time to determine the duration needed to get your beard shaved or trimmed. Also, factor in the time needed to keep your beard clean. Then again, ensure that you keep your beard accessories such as your Viking beard oil at one particular place for easy access.

What’s your style? Know it

Facial contours, as well as, jawlines are important in getting the correct shape of beard for your face. Specific face-cuts work for setting beards while others just don't cut it. Therefore, you need to determine the style that is appropriate for your face and you can shuffle between beard styles to determine what your most fitting style is.

Clean your tools

Cleaning your beard is not the only important duty. Your beard accessories need to be clean too. You have to adequately maintain the blades that you use and get them replaced at regular intervals. When your tools are in top shape, it will help to keep your skin free of infections, especially, for people with sensitive skin.

Eat healthily

External care is not the only important way to maintain a beard to keep it healthy. Other than making use of beard accessories like a Viking beard oil, you need to ensure that you eat right and equip your body with essential nutrients. These nutrients include omega-3, as well as, essential vitamins that help to supply your body with proteins, minerals, as well as, the nourishment that your facial hair needs to grow. When you eat right, you will facilitate your beard growth, especially, for men who want a Viking beard.

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